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Meet Our Animals


Choco'Latte (Coco)

Dark Brown Huacaya

Coco was one of our first alpacas. She came with Jazzy in 2019. She is one of the more hungry females we have, so make sure you have enough feed for her. Her birthday is 11/22/2007.


Malika Jasmyn (Jazzy)

Light Fawn Huacaya

Jazzy was one of our original first Alpacas at BMK Acre. She is one of the sweetest of the bunch and loves selfies and rare kisses. She was born on 9/25/2011.



Medium Brown Huacaya

Reba came to BMK with Dolly. When we rescued them, we knew we had our hands full. Her and Dolly were not too friendly, but Reba has warmed up and is fitting in nicely.



Dark Brown Huacaya

Dolly came to BMK Acre with Reba. Dolly came from a situation where she was in a pasture and abused by other alpaca (thus the tip in her ear). Her and Reba lived most of their lives with halters on, but now are growing back hair on their nose. We are very happy to have this sweet girl on our hill.


Jean Ralphio (JR)

Nigerian Dwarf Buck

JR was our first nigerian dwarf goat at BMK Acre. He is extremely friendly and loves all attention. Don't sit down next to him, you'll get a lap full of goat.



Nigerian Dwarf X Fainting Goat

Denver was our second goat at BMK Acre. He has horns, which JR does not. It's easy to steer him in the right direction if we need to move him. He's kind of stand offish, but don't let him fool you; you got food, he will come eat out of your hand.



Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Gordon is our newest bottle baby. He weighs only 7 pounds and we don't expect him to get any bigger. He will curl up with you, let him rock him and fall asleep.



Anatolian Pyrenees Cross

Shaxx is a 2 year old neutered male with the responsibility of keeping the acre safe. He is 1/2 of our livestock guard dogs. He is super sweet and the kids always want to take him home.



Anatolian Pyrenees Cross

Izzy is the new kid on the block and is learning the ropes from Shaxx. She was born on January 7, 2020. She is super sweet and will be a great big girl when she's full grown.


RIP Asher Gene Mir

Light Fawn Huacaya

Asher was born on 6/10/2019. He was our first cria born at BMK Acre. Unfortunately his life was not long lived and he passed away in October of 2019. He will always be special to us, because he was our first baby. His mother was Jazzy, and his daddy's name was Checkmark. We believe he died of heart condition he inherited from Jazzy. RIP sweet boy


RIP Murray

Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Murray was our 3rd goat and our first bottle baby on the ranch. He also weighed under 10 pounds and would fall asleep in your arms. RIP little man, you will always be our first baby goat.

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